QC Plus for Healthcare

Quality Control ('QC') Plus for Healthcare is a healthcare auditing platform purpose built to easily and efficiently collate and report on Healthcare Standards Compliance (HSC)

QC+ is the benchmark for on demand access to Healthcare audit information, enabling Healthcare Practitioners in efficiently identifying organisational policy, people, process or technology variance.

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QC Plus for Contact Centre

Quality Control ('QC') Plus for Contact Centre brings quantitative measurement to your contact centre performance and staff engagement.

QC+ for Contact Centre replaces ambigious commentary regarding adherence to your service value and service standard frameworks and facilitates a continious targeted improvement culture

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QC Plus for Enterprise

Quality Control ('QC') Plus for Enterprise is a Service Standard and Service Value performance and compliance monitoring platform which enables all Enterprises to efficiently collate and report on employee performance and motivation

Businesses implementing QC+ for Enterprise immediately see the power of specific service value data collection as it can be used to identify and provide targeted focus areas for improvement

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Targeted Progressive Improvement

With QCPlus, your organisation can embed a progressive improvement culture with vital On-Demand feedback generated and delivered to decision makers hands

Data Security and Encryption

Your data is securely managed and stored within encrypted redundant databases

Our Secure data approach is utilised over all production and test environment

Microsoft Azure Enterprise hosting for

Enterprise Solutions

QCPlus is committed to the protection and privacy of your data,

That's why QC Plus is hosted by Microsoft, the first cloud provider recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities.

Microsoft was also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018